Keystone Community Development Corporation is happy to point eligible homebuyers in the direction of possible down payment and closing cost assistance through financial institutions, local municipalities, county programs, and other various entities. Feel free to contact our agency by phone or email to determine your eligibility status, or attend one of our homebuyer education classes in your area. Eligibility status is typically based on credit scores, income, and a variety of other factors that should be checked by an industry professional. Our staff is trained and experienced in verifying eligibility for the programs currently listed below:

Updated 5/10/2021

Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC) Grants

(Eligible areas include almost all counties across Texas and our Homebuyer Education class has been approved by TSAHC for use in conjunction with all of their available grant programs)

Home Equity Leverage Partnership Grant (HELP Grant) – FHLB Dallas

(Eligible areas include almost all counties across Texas including the Greater Houston Area)

Brazoria County First Time Homebuyer Program

(Eligible areas include certain cities that are located within Brazos County, TX)

City of Baytown Grant Opportunity

(Eligible area must be within Baytown, TX city limits)

City of Texas City Grant Opportunity

(Eligible area must be within the city limits of Texas City, TX)

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