Financial Empowerment

Keystone Community Development Corporation is proud to offer a wide array of financial empowerment tools to educate others on money management, dealing with debt, and much more. The program entitled, “Your Money, Your Goals,” allows us to help consumers identify areas in which they can improve their overall financial well-being. If you or someone you know would be interested in getting more information about how to utilize this program feel free to contact us today. The key areas that we can cover are listed below for your convenience.


  • Savings Plans
  • Emergency Expense Funds
  • Income and Financial Resource Trackers
  • Strategies for Increasing Sources of Cash and Financial Resources
  • Prioritizing Bills
  • Tracking Everyday Spending and Setting Up a Bill Calendar
  • Strategies For Cutting Expenses
  • Setting Up a Cash Flow or Quick Budget
  • Dealing With Debt – How to Reduce or Eliminate
  • Understanding Credit Reports and Scores
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